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You Gave Me Freedom by cornelia892
You Gave Me Freedom
OH ME GUARD, I love this moviee~~~:iconrazycryplz:
I couldn't help it, I just HAD to make art with Emelie!
She's sooo pretty in the Butterfly scene QAQ
Consider this an early Halloween drawing, cuz halloween is my mom's Birthday (Lucky) 
Creepy...? by cornelia892
I don't know if any of you guys know this, but a looong time ago, like the first time i used my tablet i made this lil' fellow here,
but unfortunately the files from that time got deleted from the original file I made. BUT!! I TURNS OUT I MADE A BACK-UP FILE AFTER ALL, AND I JUST FOUND IT TODAY! OMG MY BABY IS ALIVE! QVQ

So to zum up the pic, this is a new OC of mine, his full name is Leopold, but I just call him Leo cuz it's cute heh! ^^
And as you can probably tell, he's not human. Cuz he's a MONSTER BOY~~ (Wearing a wierd water mask to breath)
His personality is pretty...'Bratty' should I call it that? xD
He's that type of person where you just think 'What a douch!'
But he's just more fun being kinda 'Evil' 

(Im pretty sure BTW that the japanese spelling up there means 'Creepy'....... Or that's what my friends say at least xD)

Now that I think about it, I used a LOT of different colour in this pic...
But whatever I found him!! :iconmuahplz:
Dont Ever Give Up Your Dreams! by cornelia892
Dont Ever Give Up Your Dreams!
Okay, so this is my drawin' for the 'What Does Your Artistic Journey Look Like' contest~~~
It's surppost to show how much my art has grow, from when I started drawing as a kid, and up until now.
Because, I had a time period in my life, where I just thought that I wasn't doing any good at all, and that everyone else was could do better than me, and I wanted to give up in my dreams to become an artist.
Later on, seeing all the brilliant work others made, and especially my friend :iconpolkadotzombie: I got really inspiered to actually work hard, to make my art good, and I think i've gotten really far since then! 
Soooo~~ That's bassily my art journey shown in this lil picture here, hope you guys like it!
And good luck to everyone else who enter the contest~~
Why The Grim Look Dashie? by cornelia892
Why The Grim Look Dashie?
Oh me guard I haven't drawn any poooonies in ages, blewewewe~
This is a lil' remake of an old drawin' that I wish I had never even tried to make look good.
( Kill It With Fiiiiiiire!  <da:thumb id="310611998">) 
Urh! I haaaate it so much, but the idea was pretty good i guess.

So I just wanted to get it's uglyness outta my life, and remade it into something better hahaha.... 
The background looks kinda emphty tho', but i didn't want to hange too much about it, since it had to look like the old one (damn)
Parasite by cornelia892
This Isn't meant to be something that makes sense, cuz it obviously doesn't make much sense anyways! xD
It's just cuz I had this wierd but very inspirational dream some time ago but Im not gunna go into details about it! Anyways I ended up drawing this lil' fellow in my sketch book, and I decided to make with ma' tablet when I was done with it. ( I have wicket dreams BTW ) 
But im actually very happy with the result, cuz it took a while finding the right file, and saving and all that stuff, but I did it!

So it's not broken so I can get some sleep, Yay! 


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Pastel Bow w/ Heart Dangle by socksyy
Here's summ good advice!
Life is too short to not draw~~
Just Do It!
Cuz Why not
blush blush by Emoji-kun
Sooo I stared at school again a while back, and it's really making it hard to get any art done ATM ;A;
Im doing my best to get in contact with you guys through my art, but there's just so many things in the way right now, like Math and stuff like that...Or Mostly Math... Well I thought that if I couldn't uploade anything I should at least tell you guys why, so again I'm REALLY sorry, but I'm doing my best, but don't worry! I will uploade something as soon as possible, I'm not dead yet!
But I just won't be uploading that fast or that much for a while~ TAT 
  • Mood: Regretful

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